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February 09 2018


How Blockchain Companies Are Changing Healthcare

Missing and conflicting data lead to bad diagnoses and other errors. There are security breaches in the system, putting confidential data at risk. And it's hard to track and trace prescription drugs throughout the supply chain. Blockchain technology can solve all these problems in one fell swoop. It's fast, decentralized, and cryptic. This makes it an ideal candidate for this industry.Keep reading to learn how blockchain developers are revolutionizing the healthcare sector.

February 02 2018


4 Best Business Startup Ideas using Blockchain

The excitement surrounding blockchain can be compared to the early days of the internet. Everyone knows there is a lot of paths to take, but nobody is sure which path will lead to success. Startups love living on the edge. So they are embracing the idea of blockchain and trying to create innovations that will change the world.Here are 4 ideas that stand out:

January 13 2018


Blockchain Strategies in 4 Easy Steps

Businesses, large and small, are curious about blockchain. The curiosity is not about cryptocurrencies. It is about the technology itself. Companies like Microsoft and IBM are heavily investing in it. Even though the financial industry was the early adopter, other industries like healthcare, law, and transportation are joining the blockchain revolution. However, if you are looking to adopt it for your business, you should not jump in blindly. First, you must understand the benefits of the technology. Then, take a systematic approach to develop your blockchain strategy.

January 12 2018


Do you want $10M seed funds for your startup idea?

How to launch an ICO and raise funds from cryptocurrency investors.
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